‘Why People Think Actresses Are Promiscuous’ – Bimbo Thomas

Since she shot to prominence few years ago after starring in the popular movie, ‘Omo Ghetto’, delectable actress, Bimbo Thomas has grown to become a household name in the movie industry.

The soft spoken actress known for her characteristic role in Nollywood flicks is now the toast of movie lovers who graciously adore her acting skills.

Speaking with ERAVE, the actress expressed her displeasure on the belief held by members of the public that Nollywood actors are promiscuous. “It’s a very bad misconception from Nollywood followers who believe that actresses her promiscuous or seen as sex objects.  Some people see nothing good about actors when they are away from TV screens than been randy.”

When queried on what might be responsible for that, she said “I think it depends on how some of us (actors) relate with our fans. For me, I am open to everyone around me and relate freely with people. Sometimes, people take such actions to be something else from a distance which affects their judgment of our attitudes and general lifestyle.”

On how she balances the demands of doing business alongside acting, Bimbo Thomas said “I really don’t have much trouble doing that. When I’m on set, I have people who monitor the business for me.”

“I also create time to give keen attention to it because some customers will want to do business with you because of your celebrity status or face that is added to the brand,” she added.

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