Snapchat Releases First Hardware Gadget ‘Spectacles’ Worth $130

Why use a Smartphone when you can use video ‘Spectacles’ that records all you Snapchat stories with a tap of a button near the hinge, recording up to 10 seconds of video from your first-person vantage. Each new tap records another clip.  Instead of holding up your Smartphone like everyone, you just have to tap a button on the side of the glasses. The glasses will capture the video Snapchat-style, meaning you can only record a 10-second video at any given time, the video will then sync with your phone, which would presumably make it available to be shared as a snap.

‘Spectacles’ camera uses a 115-degree-angle lens, wider than a typical Smartphone’s and much closer to the eyes’ natural field of view, recording video in circular view, more like human vision which goes at a price of $130 and with limited distribution, and will not be relied upon for significant immediate revenue.

26 years old Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel remembers testing a prototype in early 2015 while hiking with his fiancée, supermodel Miranda Kerr. “It was our first vacation, and we went to Big Sur for a day or two. We were walking through the woods, stepping over logs, looking up at the beautiful trees. And when I got the footage back and watched it, I could see my own memory, through my own eyes—it was unbelievable. Its one thing to see images of an experience you had, but it’s another thing to have an experience of the experience. It was the closest I’d ever come to feeling like I was there again.”

Meanwhile, Snapchat has also re-branded, dropping the “chat” in its name and will be known as just Snap Inc., as speculation had earlier predicted. This means that Snapchat the app will not be the only product that the company now makes.

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