Services & Operations

Aside providing a credible and reliable tickets selling platforms, our team also offer events support services such production, events coverage, photograph, editing, animation and other services to event organisers and promoters at a very discounted rate as our own way of supporting them if requested for.

Tickets Extra is aware of the enormous stress and logistics required in putting an event together. Due to this fact,we constantly provide organizers with the full details of tickets sold.

Also, we provide live online streaming services for all types of events in every geopolitical zone of the country to enable people to watch an event live on their mobile phones and laptops. We are sure more than just a ticketing company.



  1. Tickets Extra helps to promote your events on all platforms at no cost to you.
  2. You will regularly receive summary of number of tickets sold for your event on our platforms
  3. You can reach us every day of the week to provide answers and solutions to all enquiries
  4. Tickets Extra also provide events support and services such as live streaming, events production, video coverage, photograph and other services at a very discounted rate if you request for it.