Lil Kesh Reveals Why He Abandoned Rap Songs

By Ayodele Olubuse


Lil’ Kesh who just established his own record label has revealed the reason he abandoned rap songs despite coming into the music industry with a rap song titled ‘Lyrically’.

The Yagi owner claimed that the current situation of the music market is that Nigerians are bored with rap music and they want to dance and feel good with the music.
The singer said, ”I’m a music lover, i’m an hip hop act, I got signed because I drooped some bad hip hop songs. I have rap songs  but I don’t always have to drop them, I understand the Nigerian market, people see Lil’ Kesh as a jonzing kind of guy. They see him as someone who makes them happy whether its Hip Hop, Afro, anything people want to feel good, people want to club and dance give the people what they want.”
“In the Nigerian market, people are bored, people are going through different things, sometimes i’m in my car seeing people walk on the road under the hot sun, do you think that guy wants to go home and put some serious rap music in his hear? no, i want to go home grab a bottle of beer, listen to Efejokuwu or Shakitit bobo and the rest. You know what people want, there no use giving people what they don’t want. everybody in Nigerian want to dance, i understand the Nigerian market and that’s what i do, i give them what they want. That’s what i do to make a good earning for my self. Whats the point being an artiste, being popular and you don’t have money to back it up. i have families to feed.”
”You will never see me flaunt money in my car, i’m not the type to show u i’m on a yacht even though you don’t know how many times i go on a yacht to go and  chill, i’m a reserved kind of person,  even though my music says otherwise, it helps you stand out because everybody is doing it, i always let my music sand for me. people flaunt everything, its good PR, cos we are celebrities people want to see you and how you live your live. its good PR, its good for the business.”

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