‘I Refuse To Mourn You’ – Joice Ize-Iyamu Writes On Nomoreloss’ Demise

Hey Muyiwa,

What’s up? You are not answering your phone or replying my messages so I’m calling you out in public.

Olumiyuwa oooohhh I want to say thank you for so many things but do you have the time to read it all. You are my friend, my brother, the one I cut my teeth in the music industry with, you trusted me enough with your very first album. (Album o, not singles sef……you get heart)
The one that said ‘Joice….don’t….your work will speak for you’ when I was going to ‘give it’ to anyone for not respecting me as your manager and thinking I was some kind of groupie (at that time there weren’t female artistes managers) and immediately I let it go, you would descend on the person.

Harmony, Silverpoint, Gbaja, Olaiya, Surulere, fantasyland, ‘live with Nomoreloss’, Joice Management, Nomoreloss Productions, boyfriends, girlfriends, groupies, flings, shows, concerts, siblings, marriages, industry, children, friends, frenemies etc….we’ve done them all. We can chat for an hour and in that time build, destroy, repair, destroy and rebuild a lot of dreams, ideas, situations and memories, not see for months and get back to exactly where we left off.
We could talk with our eyes and know when it was time to end a set or stop the jokes. We had the best laughs and worst fights, we ‘gelled’ like that (call me and I promise I will never shout at you again….I promise).

In December, I made you stand on a table at dominos lekki and apologise to me in front of everyone, you did it without thinking of your ‘celebrity’ status and I laughed and you said my laughter was all you needed to know you had been forgiven, that was you, always ready to goof around (Show yourself and I will stand on the table and dance sef)

You were a wonderful songwriter, outstanding content developer, gifted artiste, comedian, tv host etc too passionate for your own good, all in all a genius, a mad one but I loved you like that. I’ll miss you, oh yes I will but I refuse to mourn you, I choose to celebrate you my friend and brother….Omo Africa….rest in peace and tell my sister Yvonne hello from the other side.

Your friend and partner in ‘some’ crimes.


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