Adebayo Salami Explains Why He Prefers to Act in Yoruba Movies than English Movies

Legendary Nollywood actor, Adebayo Salami explains why he would he prefer acting a Yoruba film rather than an English film like Jide Kosoko does.

He said he would gladly turn down a English film that pays N1Million for a N200,000 Yoruba film because he wishes to promote his Yoruba language and culture the most..

According to the actor, “Well, I cannot speak for those people that did not invite me, they have their own personal reasons and I don’t want to go into it so much but I am sure if am invited I can express myself and I can interpret roles in English. I don’t normally participate in English films like Jide Kosoko does but I must confess to you, if you come to me and want to pay N1 million for a film and I have another script of Yoruba movie that wants to pay me N200,000 I prefer to go for the Yoruba film.No harm meant by that, Yoruba is my language and it is culture I want to promote the most.”

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