2Shotz: Wife Accuses Rapper Of Domestic Violence & Battery

Diminutive rapper, 2Shotz has been accused of battery and domestic violence by his wife of 2 years, Precious. The wife who is formerly based in Ireland met 2Shotz on social media (Twitter) before walking down the aisle in 2013.

According to leaked messages between Precious and a friend that surfaced online few minutes ago, 2Shotz allegedly assaulted her on different occasions which prompted her moving out of their home to avoid more violence.

Sharing one of her terrible experiences, Precious said that “On one occasion we were driving and he was talking to me about my make up…I told him there were better ways to address me than name calling and he just slapped me”. Precious also claimed 2Shotz is yet to pay her bride price after years of marriage…. read more here

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